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Breathe Your Way to Calm - An Exercise with Lisa

Breathe Your Way to Calm - An Exercise with Lisa

February 19, 2021

Lisa_big_smilebo3za.jpg Got stress? Need some "me-time"? Time for a little self-care? Lisa Boesen, MAOM, CMC, shares her favorite relaxation exercise. 

Change - and Live by Design - Sarah Chartier, Ramsey Solutions Certified

Change - and Live by Design - Sarah Chartier, Ramsey Solutions Certified

February 17, 2021

sarah_chartier_familycropped8finb.jpgSarah Chartier, a Colorado bsiness owner who recently completed her certification as a financial coach. Sarah is also a franchise owner of The Spice and Tea Exchange Fort Collins,  a  ​Huge Packer Fan! Wisconsin beer, cheese, and Packers are in her blood!

Sarah is like many today – balancing being a business owner,  a wife, a mother of a kindergartener and step-mom to a middle-schooler,  juggling virtual schooling, continually expanding her own knowledge, keeping customers engaged, and, of course - shopping! Most importantly, learning to stay afloat when the waves are rough.

Sarah has made three career pivots, including to and from law enforcement (you have to hear this), and taking lessons learned along the way. She loves coaching - whether it is in the spice shop engaging customers in new experiences, in law enforcement with training, and now, helping others create sustainable lives to impact their future.

How does she it, what and how does she define important, where does she find her inspiration, and what does she want to leave us with today? Let’s find out!

For more information about financial coaching, and how to contact Sarah:

and via her website: 

Rewind - Reset - Re “chi” - Finding Wellness Through Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine. Carrie M. Tempalski MSTCM, RN, L. Ac., Dipl. Ac.

Rewind - Reset - Re “chi” - Finding Wellness Through Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine. Carrie M. Tempalski MSTCM, RN, L. Ac., Dipl. Ac.

February 11, 2021

carrie_imag9uiat.jpgToday's guest is Carrie M. Tempalski, MSTCM, RN, L. Ac., Dipl. Ac. Owner of Source Point Community Acupuncture in Fort Collins CO.

Carrie has a Masters Degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine and is recognized as a Diplomate of Acupuncture by the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. She has over 28 years in the healthcare field and expanded her skills and mastery of acupuncture under Dr. Mikio Sankey is an approved Esoteric Acupuncture Practitioner. 

 In her spare time, she also studied Taoist philosophies, Qi Gong, and is a Certified External Qi Healer as well as meditation instructor using western meditation techniques as well as techniques from other philosophies. 

To connect with Carrie:

Instagram: @source_point_acupuncture

To send a message for more information:
Emily Olander - Pillars to Live By - Resilience, Community, and Kindness

Emily Olander - Pillars to Live By - Resilience, Community, and Kindness

January 18, 2021


(photo courtesy of Emily Sierra Photography)

Emily Olander is the cofounder of Root Shoot Malting Loveland Colorado. Emily and her husband Todd, cultivated Root Shoot Malting to specialize in the highest quality local grain and craft malt available to the brewing and distilling industries. For listeners who may not know, Northern Colorado is one of America’s most esteemed locations for craft beer and the up-and-coming CO distilling industry.

As 5th generation farmers in Loveland, Colorado, they respect the heritage of our region’s agriculture and partner with the beer industry. Their family has farmed in NoCo since 1926. Farming 1,500 acres of irrigated land in beautiful Loveland, Colorado, and harvest alfalfa, rye, wheat, corn, and barley. From the ground to your glass of beer or spirits, Root Shoot Malting serves the best of Colorado.

Root Shoot Malting has won many awards, including a first-place Malt Cup win at the Craft Maltster’s Guild Conference. They are also highly involved in preserving the longevity of Colorado agriculture in their special project The 100-Year Lease project, a documentary film produced by Root Shoot Malting and Traverse Image, conveys the significance of family farms, and the importance to preserve the longevity of Colorado agriculture. 

This project is rooted in Colorado and inspired by a premise that the Olanders live and believe:

Together we can save family farms one beer at a time.

A dental hygienist part-time, Emily has a love for connecting with the craft brewing and distilling communities and brings her breadth and depth of resilience to Root Shoot Malting. While helping tell Root Shoot's agricultural story behind the scenes, she oversees most internal Root Shoot projects and communications.

Emily is a Colorado native, a Columbine High School graduate, and loves living near Fort Collins - the mecca for craft beer enthusiasts around the world! When not promoting craft malt (or dental health!), you can catch her at the local brewery with her husband, Todd, exploring Colorado outdoor adventures, or swinging the golf club. 

Gold Medal Winner 2019 Malt Cup Pale Malt
Bronze Medal Winner 2020 Malt Cup Light Munich
Instagram: RootShootMalting


50 Over 50 - Elevating Others to Live Deep and Shine Bright - Julie Ulstrup, Transformational Specialist

50 Over 50 - Elevating Others to Live Deep and Shine Bright - Julie Ulstrup, Transformational Specialist

January 6, 2021

JUlie-Ulstrup-Photographer-cropped_resizea6zu...Located in Fort Collins, Colorado, Julie specializes in contemporary photography for a new generation of women and families who want their photographs to show the essence of who they are.

As a photography professional, she has spent the better part of her life honing her craft, creating lighting, posing, and direction to ensure images are beautiful and the client’s light shines through. Many people hate being photographed or believe they are not photogenic, which is simply not true. Julie’s mission is to guide the client through the session to inspire, create, and empower the client to shine their own light and express it in an image. As shared on her website:

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate, our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. . . Your playing small does not serve the world. We are all meant to shine as children do. . .And as we let our own light shine, we give others permission to do the same - Marianne Williamson

Julie’s mission is to make clients feel and look amazing then capture that inner light into images. Enjoy her wonderful TEDx talk: How to Transform the Way You See Yourself

Connect with Julie at:


Instagram: @julieulstrupphoto



2021 - Let’s Make Time and Space for What’s Important To You!

2021 - Let’s Make Time and Space for What’s Important To You!

December 28, 2020

Delap-920072-2-810.jpgCertified Professional Organizer Ellen Delap launched in 2000 in Houston, Texas. Ellen works one on one with clients making time and space for what is important to them. Her niche is working with individuals and families with ADHD in their home, at work, or virtually. She holds specialist certificates in Brain-Based Conditions such as ADHD and Chronic Disorganization, Family management certificates such as Household Management and Life Transitions, and Productivity certificates Work Place Productivity and Team Productivity. She is an Organizer Coach having completed the Coach Approach curriculum.  Ellen’s work has been featured on Smead podcast, as a contributor to articles with the Associated Press, and as a regional speaker with the ADDA-Southern Region conferences.  Ellen is passionate about her Pilates and walks. Her Friday afternoons are spent with her grandkids and on Saturday night she is watching a Hallmark movie with her husband.


She can be reached via: 







Self-Care for the Holidays - Linh Trinh

Self-Care for the Holidays - Linh Trinh

December 15, 2020

linh_trinh_color_pic_reszebstu2.jpgLinh Trinh shares some special treats for anyone needing some self-care, compassion, or even pampering during this holiday season. Always giving back and living with a spirit of gratitude, Linh's new project helps her support one of her vital projects, Abandoned Little Angels.  

For ordering information: Click here. 

Linh has also been featured in the McGovern Medical School Blog for her paying it forward attitude of gratitude:

Ovarian Cancer -  BREATHE with help from OVARCOME - Runsi Sen, President, CEO, Founder

Ovarian Cancer - BREATHE with help from OVARCOME - Runsi Sen, President, CEO, Founder

December 15, 2020

runsi_sen_writing_white_cropped9yydn.jpgRunsi Sen, founder of Ovarcome, serves as the President and CEO of the organization. Runsi lost her mother to ovarian cancer in 2009, and in her memory and with her inspiration founded Ovarcome. Under Runsi’s leadership, Ovarcome has experienced significant growth both nationally and internationally.

Ovarcome offers many educational and services to patients and families, including international services in India and Africa. With over 1.5 million global social media followers, Ovarcome has made a major impact on patients and families with ovarian cancer, including virtual education programs, patient assistance programs, and international awareness campaigns and providing treatment support to underprivileged women in developing nations. 

Runsi graduated from Rice University in 2004 with an MBA in Strategy & Marketing. Runsi also holds a master’s degree in Economics. She serves as an Advisory Board member of the Blanton-Davis ovarian cancer research program at MD Anderson. She lives with her husband and two children in Houston.

Follow Ovarcome on Social Media outlets at:




To reach out to Runsi, contact her at 

Watch her TEDx Talk - The Unconventional Wisdom Of Ovarcoming 

Living With Spirit and Intention - Liz Plaster, MEd, Executive Coach

Living With Spirit and Intention - Liz Plaster, MEd, Executive Coach

December 10, 2020

Living with Spirit and Intention - Liz Plaster M.Ed., Executive Coach, Author, Artist, and National Motivational liz_image_50_8ghyi.jpgSpeaker

Liz Plaster M.Ed. is a certified executive coach, educator, award-winning author, artist, business owner, project manager, and consultant with over 40 years in the field of education, leadership coaching, performance enhancement, hiring, team development, and communications.  Her expertise in emotionally intelligent practices informs her work.

Her list of organizations includes major oil and gas companies, manufacturing, logistics/shipping, healthcare, and education, and academia.

Author of Incredible Edible Science:  Recipes for Developing Science and Literacy Skills.  MN: Red Leaf Press.  The internationally published book is the recipient of the 2011 Teacher’s Choice Award.

Liz shares the journey of her personal tragedy at a young age and her journey of wider and deeper learning and career experiences as a student of Jungian Theory, Emotional Intelligence, Spiritual Intelligence, among others. A proponent of education, Liz’s passion is understanding oneself as the core of communicating and building relationships.

You may connect with Liz at and via email at

Navigate, Survive, Thrive! Mariam Haddad - CEO & Founder, The Performance Communication Company

Navigate, Survive, Thrive! Mariam Haddad - CEO & Founder, The Performance Communication Company

October 28, 2020
Mariam Haddad - CEO & Founder, The Performance Communication CompanyMariam_Pic_resize8895i.jpg
Entrepreneur, Classical artist, Lyricist, Storyteller, Reinventionist 
On the way to our dreams, life happens. What you do with what happens… is what matters most.
Life called Mariam to re-invent herself multiple times, to persevere as well as to be creative in converting the seemingly negative into the positive gift life presented. As a result, she learned that struggle is the pathway to joy itself, helping us to come to know ourselves better and find the inner stillness from which peace is born.
As a Syrian American who grew up on the El Paso – Mexico border steeped in American society, she learned each struggle serves as a vehicle to help find the sameness in others as well as to celebrate our differences. These diverse experiences helped her to view life as a canvas, allowing her to be God’s paintbrush in bringing new realities into being. 
“A storyteller at heart, I believe that words ARE power, words are LIFE.”
Through her company, The Performance Communication Company, her team creates innovative, in-person, and virtual learning for those who want their voices to be heard in their professional lives. Having performed throughout her career
as both a classical pianist and opera singer, she brings a different view to her work with others as a communication strategist and delivery expert.
Mariam’s passion is guiding others into the expressive art of themselves to frame their brilliant ideas, passions, beliefs, and life's work and embrace the fullness of possibility as the reality in the workplace and world.
Mariam has spoken and or provided services to TEDx Houston, The Business Maker’s Show, Boeing, NASA, Shell, BP, Chevron, Sinopec, The Asian Chamber of Commerce, Asia Voice Radio, The University of Houston Wolff Center, and many other Fortune 500 Companies.
To contact the Performance Communications Company, please email her at​



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