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Wendy McMillan - Writer, Recipe Developer - Nourishing From the Heart

May 10, 2021

wbiopic2_b_w2blugq.pngHappy Apple Natural Kitchen is my comfort writing food and evolving recipe collection. I am a freelance writer, healthy recipe developer, former Kindergarten teacher, and most of all mama, as well as a dedicated endurance runner passionate about healthy living. In the past, I fell into a lonely power struggle with food. It was something I feared, obsessed over, and defined myself by via attempts to control my consumption of it. I lost myself and my health, relationships, and focus suffered.

One day hitting rock bottom, it struck me with renewed clarity, it was time to let go.  I began learning to appreciate and understand food for what it is. It's fuel. Sustenance. It's a beautiful, powerful gift.  It’s communion and community. It's a means to health, and it's meant to be shared. 

Knowledge is progress. Making a commitment to continually educate myself around changing developments in health and nutrition provided a ladder out of a hole, but love transformed everything. Becoming a parent, I've reveled in the fascinating journeys and impact of healthy food in a whole way. Sharing joyful preparation and appreciation alongside my adventurous eater, I was struck in a new way by the incredible, impact of positive role modeling. This includes our relationship to food, but is most importantly about the way we love ourselves and each other.

I love experimenting in the kitchen. I love the bright colors, varied textures, and crisp sounds of produce on the cutting board. I love to bake, to gift from the heart, and to explore ways of being healthfully creative and economical. I hope we can share our discoveries and savor the enjoyments of life less processed. I hope you find something helpful in this collection of plant-based dishes that nourish our active family and fit with busy days and conscious budgets.

~Wendy  (4500+ followers)

Children's cookbook - Plot to Plate: Grow, Cook, Create!

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